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Illegal Searches & Seizures and Motions to Suppress

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The United States and Massachusetts Constitutions grant each citizen certain rights and civil liberties. If the police have violated your rights in an effort to obtain evidence against you or hold you for an alleged crime, Alekman DiTusa, LLC, in Springfield, Massachusetts, can help you. Attorney Alekman and Attorney DiTusa work vigorously to protect our client's fundamental rights and defend them against criminal charges.

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A True Advocate on Your Side

Regardless of the evidence that the police have against you, if they obtained it in a manner that violate your constitutional rights, the court will exclude that evidence. Criminal defense attorneys at Alekman DiTusa, LLC diligently investigates and challenges evidence obtained through violations of your rights, such as:

  • Illegal search and seizure: Illegal search and seizure violations include searching a premises without a search warrant, not having probable cause for a search warrant, or searching for evidence in a manner that is outside the scope of the search warrant.
  • Lack of probable cause: Police need probable cause to obtain a search warrant and make an arrest.
  • Lack of reasonable suspicion: Police need reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle.
  • Miranda rights and Fifth Amendment violations: When police arrest you and take you into custody, they must read you the Miranda warning, which explains that you have the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present. Evidence obtained through illegal custodial interrogation may not be used as evidence against you.

Motions to Suppress Evidence

Criminal defense lawyers at Alekman DiTusa have comprehensive knowledge of the United States Constitution and the Massachusetts Constitution. We have a thorough understanding of our clients' rights related to illegal searches and seizures, and we are well equipped to investigate any violations of those rights. We have won many motions to suppress evidence that the police obtained through an illegal search and seizure.

If evidence has been illegally obtained against you in a case involving drug charges or DUI, Attorney Alekman and Attorney DiTusa will fight to have that evidence suppressed. Contact a criminal defense attorney at Alekman DiTusa, LLC at our Springfield, Massachusetts, law office for a free initial consultation.

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